Early Childhood Intervention with South Shore Therapies Inc.

What Is Early Therapeutic Intervention for Children?

Early childhood intervention is the process of identifying and providing effective support, tools, and education for young children and their families who may be experiencing delays, difficulties or disabilities. The goal is to work with the children to foster a set of strengths and skills and to explore areas that a child may need extra help to navigate.

Early Childhood Intervention in Hingham & Pembroke, MA

What Can Early Therapeutic Intervention Achieve?

Early therapeutic intervention focuses on a child’s main areas of development – their physical, cognitive, behavioral, adaptive, social, and emotional development. By understanding your child’s strengths and challenges we can work to make a difference in their development and provide beneficial tools and strategies for success across environments.   

How Can I Tell if My Child Is Behind in Development?

Children reach milestones at varying rates; no two children are the same, and even siblings can vary in development. Awareness of childhood milestones can support your child’s growth, development, and success. If you have concerns, it is always helpful to speak to your pediatrician as a first step. 


If you are seeing difficulties in the areas below it may be beneficial to contact South Shore Therapies Inc.  to set up a free clinical intake, call, or screening with one of our pediatric occupational or speech therapists.

  • Difficulties with self regulation (poor sleeping, inconsolable, unable to self sooth)
  • Eating concerns (bottle/breast feeding, transition to baby foods and table foods)
  • Slow motor development (late meeting milestones, clumsy, fearful of movement)
  • Behavioral disorganization (overly sensitive reactions to daily sensory events, can’t slow down, poor safety, does not develop independent play skills, excessively clingy to caregiver, frequent sustained meltdowns, difficulty re-grouping)
  • Delayed acquisition of speech (babbling, words, and sentences)
  • Difficulty understanding language (responding to questions, following directions)
  • Inconsistent social interactions (not responding to name, not initiating interactions, does not look at others to gauge their reactions to events, not pointing to objects)

The Five Main Areas of Development

Early childhood intervention addresses the five main areas of development:

  • Physical development includes crawling, walking and fine motor skills.
  • Cognitive development is your child’s ability to think, learn and problem-solve.
  • Communication development includes talking, listening, and understanding capabilities.
  • Social/emotional development is the ability to play, feel secure and be content.
  • Adaptive/self-help development involves performing skills like eating and dressing independently.

The Purpose of Early Childhood Intervention 

The primary purpose of early childhood intervention is to change your child’s developmental path in the early stages of their development when their brain is rapidly evolving. Early therapeutic intervention aims to minimize or prevent delays, decrease the need for special education services when the child is old enough to attend school, and provide children with increased independence. 

What You Can Expect 

With South Shore Therapies Inc., you can expect a caring and attentive team of specialists who want the best for your child. We look deeper into the specific delays your child is facing and develop an individualized therapy plan to support key aspects of their development. 

The Importance of Early Childhood Intervention

It is vital to your child’s development to recognize delays as early as possible. By identifying your child’s developmental delays, you can change the trajectory of their developmental path by providing them with adequate support. Identifying developmental challenges early gives children the chance to improve functional outcomes and avoid potential issues in their learning, motor development, self confidence and behavior. 

The Importance of Family Involvement

The family's involvement is critical for supporting a child with developmental delays. Our team works with your child in our state-of-the-art facilities, but your home will serve as your child's primary learning place. Engaged parents can provide support for their children and follow through with home program activities and strategies at home. This helps a child’s development and increases their emotional well-being.

Early Childhood Intervention in Norwood, MA 

If your child is not hitting milestones they should be reaching at their age, or they have a disability causing them to experience developmental delays, South Shore Therapies Inc. is here to guide your family. Contact South Shore Therapies Inc. to find out how early therapeutic intervention in identifying your child’s needs could change your child's life!