Learn About Our Approach to Therapy

Our Goal

At South Shore Therapies we share the mission of providing the highest quality services for children with special needs. Our goal is to work together with our clients and their families to address issues that impact daily life activities. Based on your child’s individual needs, our therapists will generate a comprehensive plan for intervention that includes working directly with your child and providing you with strategies to facilitate change within your home and the community.

Our therapy encourages the child or adolescent to develop comfort, confidence, and coordination in a safe and nurturing environment. Therapy is a fun and interactive process that facilitates the development of self-esteem, social interactions, motor coordination, play skills, flexibility, and planning.

Our Therapists

Our therapists utilize principles of neuroscience, development, and play to design therapeutic activities which maximize the child’s ability to perform successfully and independently. Through developing motivating activities and play themes, as well as quickly modifying tasks to the individual’s level of challenge, the therapist guides the child to a higher level of skill and success.

A Group Effort

Therapies Mission in Hingham, Pembroke & Norwood

Teamwork is essential to the therapeutic process. Therapy sessions are only a brief moment in the individual’s day, week and life. To make real changes in developing meaningful occupations, social participation, and skill development, carry over is essential.  Your SST therapist will work with your family to develop a set of goals and home activities specific to your child’s needs. The goal is to promote functional changes that make life more successful!

We are always available to speak with other members of the therapeutic or school team to help facilitate progress.

Creating a Therapeutic Environment

Our therapy environments are designed to promote a calm and organized state of arousal and encourage skill development. The therapists work very hard to create motivating, purposeful, and fun activities that facilitate independence and mastery of new skills. Our goal is for the child to leave the therapy session in a calm, but empowered state. As part of the therapeutic team, we ask you to reinforce these concepts by greeting your child calmly and warmly, ready to share their successes. We will always attempt to share the therapy experience on a level that is understandable to all involved and relevant to the meaningful occupations and functional goals we are working toward.

Our Facilities

South Shore Therapies has been exclusively designed as a state of the art facility, with premier treatment spaces and the latest technology. SST currently has three large facilities, each with over 6000 square feet of treatment and assessment space. We are located in Hingham, Pembroke and Norwood.

State-Of-The-Art Treatment Rooms in Hingham, Pembroke & Norwood, MA

State-of-the-Art Treatment Rooms

SST has a variety of treatment spaces to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our sensory gyms are equipped with suspension systems and a variety of gross motor equipment including swings, ziplines and ball pits in a safe, padded environment. Each room is designed with a theme to promote exploration, functional skill development, and develop imaginative play.  In addition, our space includes designated areas for evaluations, speech sessions using technology and augmentative communication systems, fine motor and oral motor intervention and group interactions. Our therapeutic staff consists of over 40 fully credentialed therapists, all with specialties in pediatrics.


Family-Friendly Centers Encourage Parent and Sibling Interaction

The environment at South Shore Therapies is family friendly, caring and nurturing.  We provide six comfortable waiting rooms to allow siblings a positive place to play, parents the opportunity to interact and share strategies, or find a quiet corner to take a break.  We are also equipped with a wireless network if you want to bring a laptop and get some work done while waiting.  If there is anything we can do to make your time here more comfortable please ask.

Need More Information?

At South Shore Therapies, we believe in our clients; that with guidance and respect they can find the means necessary to improve sensory processing, motor skills, communication, social skill development, and self-esteem.

If you have questions, contact us today at 781-335-6663.