Occupational, Speech, and Sensory Integration Therapies in Norwood, MA

Professional therapists on staff at South Shore Therapies provide pediatric occupational therapy, speech therapy, and sensory integration to encourage skill development and more successful participation in daily activities at home, school, and in the community.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy involves hands-on activities that help clients learn daily life skills. An initial assessment gives the therapist the information needed to create an occupational therapy treatment plan, which will help develop gross, fine, and oral motor skills, coordination, balance, planning, and organization.

Speech Therapy

An on-staff pathologist provides positive therapy that helps pinpoint problems that may be impairing language development. Speech therapy provides clients with communication and language tools, which they can use in school, social, and home settings.

Sensory Integration

Issues with sensory integration can result in problems with successful participation in daily activities such as eating and getting dressed, academic progress and organization of behavior. Sensory integration therapy helps identify issues, which enables our skilled therapists to address and resolve them through one-on-one interaction and dynamic play, as well as parent education to develop effective strategies.

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Clients are encouraged to contact South Shore Therapies for assistance with developmental issues that involve occupational therapy, speech therapy, and sensory integration.

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