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Executive Function Disorder Treatment For Children

A child and therapist reviewing worksheets representing executive function disorder treatment offered by South Shore Therapies in Southern MA

When children have trouble with self-control, time management, and task follow-through at home or school, an issue with executive function could be the cause. Executive function disorder treatment at South Shore Therapies provides speech or occupational therapy as needed to support the affected areas.


What Is Executive Function?

Think of executive function as the CEO of the brain, controlling all the skills required to plan, execute, and complete tasks and projects. These skills can be divided into the broad areas of working memory, flexible thinking, and inhibitory control. When executive function is impaired, children may display difficulty with initiating tasks, memory, organization, planning, time management, emotional control, understanding the perspectives of others, and paying attention.

Many kids tend to be disorganized and distracted at times, but those who are struggling with executive function may take a very long time to get dressed, pack a bag for school, and perform simple chores. Executive function disorder is common among children who are diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


Therapeutic Treatment for Executive Function Disorder

If your child is showing signs of executive function disorder, our therapists will complete thorough assessments to determine which specific areas of function are impacted. We then work closely with our clients and families to introduce strategies and learning tools to address these skills and provide education on how to implement these strategies at home, at school, and in the community. Examples include checklists, time management strategies, visual or tactile approaches, planners, rewards, and routines. 

Contact us today at 781-335-6663 to learn more about available treatments for executive function disorder. You can also fill out our online intake form to schedule a clinical intake call. One of our therapists will contact you for a free consultation about your concerns and determine whether your child could benefit from diagnosis and treatment at South Shore Therapies. In addition to our Hingham location, we have offices in Norwood, Cohasset, and Pembroke.

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