Getting Started at South Shore Therapies


Once you have contacted South Shore Therapies, our receptionist will arrange a clinical intake call, where one of our clinicians calls you to discuss your concerns. The purpose of the intake call is to obtain information about your child, answer your questions, and determine the best plan of action. Based on this conversation we can determine the appropriate evaluation, consultation or treatment that will best address your functional concerns. Our insurance coordinator will check your benefits to help you understand any out of pocket costs for services (e.g. deductibles, co-payments, non-covered services, etc.). If services at SST are recommended, our scheduling coordinator will work with you to schedule dates and times of service in accordance with your schedule.

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During the phone intake, it may be determined that an occupational therapy or speech therapy evaluation is warranted. The evaluation will target and identify specific areas of difficulty that could benefit from intervention. We have several different types and levels of evaluation depending upon the client’s and family’s needs.


If intervention is recommended, we work closely with our clients and families to develop a treatment plan that targets functional concerns and strives for “Results that Make a Difference”. Our talented therapists will design an individualized program that focuses on intervention for underlying problems, as well as developing home programs and accommodations for greater competence and success in a variety of settings. Our therapy encourages the child or adolescent to develop comfort, confidence and coordination in a safe and nurturing environment. Therapy is a fun and interactive process that facilitates the development of self-esteem, social interactions, motor coordination, play skills, flexibility and planning.


At South Shore Therapies we strongly believe that setting functional and attainable goals for our clients is vital for providing the highest quality intervention possible. After a few therapy sessions, the therapist will work with the client and/or family to develop goals and objectives for home, school, and within the therapeutic environment. These goals are monitored throughout intervention and updated or changed as necessary. In this way we can track progress and make determinations regarding discharge or continuation of services.

Still Have Questions?

Have you read through our Frequently Asked Questions but still have questions? Let us answer them for you by phone. Call 781-335-6663 or visit our Contact Us page to learn more.