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What have we done to increase safety beyond CDC recommendations

In addition to heightened cleaning procedures, wearing masks and installing plexiglass barriers in all the treatment rooms, South Shore Therapies has worked diligently on social distancing and improving the air quality in all our clinics.

Social Distancing

  1. We have devised a pathway thru our halls to allow for 6+ feet distancing
  2. We have instituted a split shift system that enables us to reduce the number of therapists in the building during our hours of operation
  3. Much of our admin staff is working remotely
  4. Only siblings will be allowed in the same treatment space together

Air Quality

  1.  We have added additional exhaust in out treatment rooms to facilitate air exchange.
  2. We have installed larger duct work to increase by 20% the mixture of outside air versus recycled air
  3. We have installed Heppa filters where possible
  4. We have installed medical grade air purifiers, Sanitation Ionizers, and UV-C room cleaners throughout our facilities
  5. We have UV-C wands and cleaning boxes for small items

In addition to this we are looking to adding ionization in the existing ducts to sanitize even the recycled air in our facilities

South Shore Therapies believes that we are known to set the standard for treatment and we are committed to setting the standard for the safety of our clients, families and employees in this new setting in which we find ourselves!

Howard Szklut - CEO

Sensory, Occupational, and Speech Services in Hingham, Pembroke, and Norwood, MA

We share the mission of providing the highest quality services for children with special needs. We strive to maximize each child’s potential through implementing a successful combination of intervention strategies in a safe and nurturing environment to encourage positive change. By working together and supporting clients and their families with empathy and respect we can make a fundamental difference in improving the quality of life for that child and family.

Comprehensive Pediatric Services


Since 2004, South Shore Therapies has proudly provided high-quality occupational therapy and speech and language services to Southern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. Over time, our services, staff, and facilities have grown and expanded to better serve our patients and their families.

We invite you to learn more about our company and what makes us such a dedicated team.

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The comprehensive wellness of our clients is our priority. Our team of dedicated therapists work directly with each family to develop an individual treatment plan that will best address their functional needs.

We strive to provide the most advanced resources and tools available to ensure each of our clients make the best possible progress.

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