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“Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express.”  ― Brenda Ueland

Customized AAC Therapy Plans For Children

At South Shore Therapies, our therapists work with children struggling with basic speech and language skills by implementing Augmentative Alternative Communication systems. Our therapy plans are customized to fit each child’s speech and language needs.

A child working with signs representing augmentative alternative communication offered by South Shore Therapies in Southern MA

What Is Augmentative Alternative Communication?

Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) includes alternative methods of communication used by those who struggle with oral speech. AAC gives individuals with extremely unintelligible or nonexistent speech an opportunity to effectively communicate their needs, wants, and ideas.

The two types of AAC methods include basic and high-tech systems. An example of a basic system is writing down thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper or pointing to pictures or words in a book or on a board. High-tech communication methods include more technologically advanced systems, such as using computer touch screens or systems that speak on behalf of the person. Unaided communication methods involve gestures or sign language. By utilizing multiple alternative communication methods, we can help find the right therapy plan for your child.



How Our Therapists Implement Augmentative Alternative Communication

There are several steps involved in getting your child started on an appropriate program. First, our team of therapists will evaluate your child’s current language and speech patterns. We will then try several different AAC therapy options. We will work closely with you and any other caregivers to help us determine which program and method are most suitable. Our team will even help you secure adequate funding by helping you gather and submit all necessary documents, including insurance information.

AAC therapy can significantly improve your child’s self-esteem, as well as their ability to learn and engage in everyday life. Contact us today at 781-335-6663 for further discussion or to begin the evaluation process. We have four convenient locations in Hingham, Pembroke, Cohasset, and Norwood to serve your needs.

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