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5 Valentine's Day Food Craft Ideas

Kids learn about food through play. Allowing your child to use all of their senses to explore foods can help prepare them for eating a variety of different flavors and textures. Assisting with meal time and including your kids in a variety of food crafts is an awesome way to have some fun while learning. With Valentine's Day around the corner, why not spread some love with food crafts. Check out some fun food crafts here. 

1.     Strawberry Heart Man:

A fairly healthy and super fun snack that can also work on bimanual dexterity, force gradation and food play.  

2.     Valentine’s Day Snack Mix:

This gives your kids the control to make their snack mix however they want! Not only are you allowing your kids to explore foods, but you can work on utensil use and bimanual control to scoop snacks into their individual bag. 

3.     Cupids Strawberry Float:

Simple and easy way to make a fun new drink with some added texture. 

4.     Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies:

Baking cookies is an awesome way for kids to get messy while having fun. They can develop bimanual coordination and force gradation with measuring and pouring in ingredients. Using  a rolling pin and cookie cutters are another awesome way to develop many different aspects of fine motor for your kids. Then the decoration possibilities are endless! 

5.     Valentine’s Day Fruit Kabobs:

Looking for something  a little bit healthier for your kids – look no further. Using heart shaped cookie cutters, you can really make any fruit into a Valentine’s treat. 


Roll up your sleeves and spread the love with some themed food exploration. And don't forget to have some fun aloing the way! It is important to remember that food exploration is about the process, not the product...your kids are learning regardless of how it comes out! 


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