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Kip's Coloring Contest by South Shore Therapies

Color With Kip!

One of Kip's favorite things to do, especially on rainy days, is to color. Coloring is fun way for kids to express their creativity while simultaneously developing foundational fine motor skill needed for handwriting. Plus is can be a relaxing/calm down activity for the kids to engage in while their parents cook dinner. Check out some of Kip's coloring pages here! (free PDF downloads)

Kip the kangaroo was feeling sad this week when he started thinking about all of the activities and adventures he missed out on because of the global pandemic. Kip's mom began to explain to Kip that lots of people - both kids and adults - are feeling the same way as him; this year has been hard and we all just want to be able to play together again. But instead of just being sad and thinking about all the things they didn't get to do, places they didn't get to see or fun events that were cancelled, they decided to find a way to 'make lemonade out of lemons'. Together, Kip and his mom came up with a great idea...but they need your help!

Kip's coloring pages are a way for you to help Kip experience new activities, adventures, and places. So get out your craft supplies, crayons, and markers - put on your creative caps - and help Kip create new memories.


Kip and South Shore Therapies are launching a 2-week coloring contest. The contest is for anyone of any age that wants to help Kip explore or experience something new. All you have to do is print a coloring page (see below), decorate and design it however you want, and submit the final product to before March 15th, 2021. We will give out gift cards and other prizes for the most creative and unique submissions. It can be a solo act or a family affair. Don’t be afraid to snap a photo holding your masterpiece - we love to see the artist!

(Note: submissions for coloring contest end Monday March 15th, 2021, but pages will continue to be accesible and free to print for future use)

Download Kip's Coloring Pages here:

  1. Flip with Kip
  2. Ring in Spring (with Kip)
  3.  Snow much fun with Kip

Kip is looking forward to all of his new adventures awaiting him and we can't wait to see your art!


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