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Kip, the kangaroo is our mascot at South Shore Therapies

Meet Our Mascot, Kip!

Kip the Kangaro has become an integral part of our daily routines both in our clinics and at home. Click here to learn why we love Kip. 

Meet our Mascot, Kip! Kip the Kangaroo has helps us navigating the world around us! Whether in the clinic or at home, Kip makes sure we are helping others, having fun, learning, and staying safe! Here is how our friend Kip has become an important member of the South Shore Therapies team. 




  1. Walking in the Hallway
    • Kip provides direction for us throughout our clinics so we can walk safely to our destination. This is especially helpful since we enter and exit in different ways to avoid crowding the hallways. You can find posters of Kip in our hallways with arrows leading to our entrances, exits, gyms and therapy rooms.
  2. Sharing Exciting News
    • Kip helps SST share educational tidbits, exciting clinic news, and resources for clients and their families. Keep an eye out for what Kip might announce next!
  3. Promoting Safety
    • Kip promotes safety, encouraging clients and therapists to social distance responsibly by remaining 6 feet from others, wear a mask and wash hands. Click HERE to download Kip’s tip's for stopping the spread of COVID-19.



  1. Coloring
    • Kip's coloring pages are a way for you to help Kip experience new activities, adventures, and places. Additionally, coloring is a fun way for kids to express their creativity while simultaneously developing foundational fine motor skill needed for handwriting. Click HERE to read more about why Kip loves to color and to download his coloring pages. 
  2. Teaching Emotions
    •  Kip experiences a wide range of feelings, just like us. We will look to Kip as a role model for teaching us how to express ourselves by matching our facial expressions and body language to how we feel inside. 
  3. Teaching Equipment Use
    •  Kip will teach us how to interact with the space around us. Whether he is hopping onto a swing, learning to ride a bike, or jumping into a crash pad, Kip will ensure that we remain safe while still having fun. 
  4. Continuing to Promote Safety
    •  Kip will continue to promote safety by making sure we are following through with protocols now and in the future. Whether it be handwashing, mask wearing, or social distancing, Kip will make sure we are educated on the steps needed to follow through with the task. Click HERE to see Kip’s tips for handwashing.
  5. Sharing New Resources
    • Kip will share new activities, games and resources for clients and their families to use at home when they are looking for carryover activities outside of their therapy sessions. 
  6. Social Media
    • Keep an eye on our social media platforms to catch Kip sharing news, tips and tricks to help your kids reach their maximum potential. 

Kip has become an important part of the SST family. Stay tuned for new information that Kip has to share. 

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