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Nonverbal Communication Materials

Teaching your child to read nonverbal cues (e.g., facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, eye contact) will allow them to better identify how someone feels, and therefore how to act. 


The following resources can be used to review nonverbal communication with your child and focus in on key areas to observe while wearing face coverings. Enjoy!

 1. Expression Mask Visuals

2.  How Monsters Wear Masks: if your child is having a hard time understanding the correct way to wear a mask and why we do so, check out this free social story.

3. If your child has a hard time matching their own facial expressions and tone of voice with  their emotions, especially when wearing a mask, you can create a lanyard with emotion picture cards for your child to hold up if they are misunderstood. Feelings Sorting Cards.

4. Feelings Behind the Masks

5. Feelings and Emotions with Masks Scenario Cards

6. Feelings & Emotions with Masks Bookmarks

7. Problem Solving Behind the Mask

8. Identifying Feelings

To learn more about different examples of nonverbal communication and tips for identifying them, click HERE

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