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Speech Therapy for Stuttering in Southern Massachusetts

Stuttering can make it hard for your child to communicate, interact with peers, and participate in school. Stuttering can also affect a child’s emotional and social development and increase their risk of anxiety, fear, depression, isolation, and antisocial behavior. At South Shore Therapies, we offer individualized services for stuttering in Hingham, Norwood, and Pembroke, MA. 

What is Stuttering? 

Stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by a repetition of sounds, syllables, or words, or a prolongation of sounds and interruptions of speech. These interruptions are known as blocks and can make it hard for a child to speak a full sentence or hard for others to understand what they are saying. While people who stutter know exactly what they are trying to say, they have difficulty completing the normal flow of speech. Stuttering can affect every element of a person’s life, including their family and social relationships, educational abilities, and job opportunities. Sometimes, developmental stuttering occurs as children develop their speech and language abilities and can resolve without treatment. If a stutter persists 6 months, it may no longer be developmental and should be evaluated by a licensed speech-language pathologist.

Symptoms of Stuttering

The primary symptoms of stuttering in children are repeated words, sounds, or syllables combined with disruptions in the normal flow of speech:

●       Facial movements, lip tremors, excessive or rapid eye blinking, and facial or upper body tension

●       Frustration, anger, or impatience when trying to speak

●       Hesitation or pausing before beginning to speak

●       Refusal to speak

●       Interjecting extra sounds or syllables into words

●       Vocal tension

●       Stretching out sounds within words

How is Stuttering Diagnosed?

Childhood stuttering is most commonly diagnosed by a speech-language pathologist. While no invasive testing is required, your child will need to visit a specialist in person and undergo speech and language testing. By evaluating the severity of your child’s stuttering, as well as your child’s behavior and development, a speech-language therapist can develop an effective speech therapy program for your child.

Our Speech Therapy for Stuttering

Our speech therapy for stuttering is designed to give each child a voice so that they can communicate independently and effectively with parents, siblings, friends, classmates, and more. We strive to help each child learn the strategies and self-advocacy they need to communicate successfully. We work closely with each child to develop a unique speech therapy program that can be easily adapted to meet the child’s changing needs and progress. Through focused, repetitive, and consistent speech therapy sessions, we can help children develop their fluency and give them the confidence they need to participate in conversations, discussions, and schoolwork at home, in the classroom, and beyond. 

Our Other Services 

In addition to speech therapy for stuttering, we also specialize in a wide range of other pediatric therapy services that are carefully designed to meet each client’s specific needs. By working closely with each family, we determine their unique needs, goals, lifestyle, and schedule so that we can determine which therapy options will enhance their child’s overall well-being. We focus on therapies that help children perform daily tasks, like occupational, sensory, feeding, and speech therapy. 

Why Choose Us?  

At South Shore Therapies, we strive to create a therapeutic environment that encourages growth, independence, and skill development. Our state-of-the-art treatment rooms are thoughtfully designed to meet the individual needs of our clients. We utilize sensory gyms, evaluation rooms, speech therapy labs, and therapeutic spaces to provide ease of access and encourage interaction. Our family-friendly centers also encourage parent interaction, so that you can be a key part of the therapeutic process. Our goal is to provide the highest quality services to children with communication delays and disorders by working closely with clients and families to facilitate and address issues that impact their daily life activities. 

Learn More About Speech Therapy for Stuttering in Southern Massachusetts

If you’re ready to learn more about speech therapy for stuttering in Southern Massachusetts, contact us today at South Shore Therapies. We specialize in sensory integration intervention, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, pediatric intervention, and more. We’re committed to helping parents, families, and caregivers navigate a diagnosis of stuttering and find the right speech therapy modalities that work for them and their needs. To learn more about speech therapy options in Hingham, Norwood, and Pembroke, MA, contact us online. 


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